In a few basic steps, dining may become the most elegant time of the day. Because elegance is in the details, it is vital to pay some attention to the table setting in order to achieve this. All you need are plates, silverware, and appropriate glasses for various drinks if you want to recreate the ambiance of upscale restaurants at home.

It is less well known that etiquette dictates that glasses should be arranged in the proper order in addition to the utensils. As a result, the glasses are arranged in the following order: a glass for water or juice, a glass for white wine, and a glass for red wine. The extra glasses are taken off the table once the drink has been decided upon and served.

The chosen glasses’ aesthetic appeal is the special touch that charms guests and members of the family. High-quality glasses made of superior Czech crystal glass are now available at Super Vero. It is crucial to understand that Czech crystal is renowned throughout the world because despite the country’s turbulent history, perfect glass production has remained a constant, and centuries of expertise in the production of crystal tableware have distinguished Czech goods as being unmatched in terms of quality and style.

Super Vero markets carry Maison Forine crystal glasses. And all varieties, including champagne glasses, wine glasses with stands for red and white wine, and multipurpose glasses used to serve water and juice.


Starting on November 14, you can collect stickers and buy glasses with 50% discount. Ten stickers are needed for discount. But, if you are a Vero klub member, you get a perk and need only seven stickers instead of ten! If you are not a member, you may quickly become one by downloading the Super Vero app or registering on the website.

There are two ways to collect sticker:

  • buying promotional products (marked with special wobblers in store)
  • one bill of 500 dinars

Multiple stickers can be collected by one bill.Products that participate are marked with wobblers in the store, and they are also listed in the brochure that is available for download online or in stores.

The glasses are available for purchase at standard pricing if you don’t collect the stickers.

Stickers can be collecting from November 14th to January 14th 2023. Discount can be used until 31st January 2023.

We offer quality and elegance at discount prices, use opportunity!

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