Welcoming summer – lowering prices

Summer is officially coming. We are looking forward to the arrival of sunny days together with you, so we have prepared a special offer for the summer mood – many discounts.

The discount will be valid from June 15 to July 11 this year or while the stocks last. The selection of discounted products is large and adapted to the activities you will choose on hot days.

During the European Football Championship, you will enjoy matches and cheering with your friends. Therefore, we have lowered the prices of food and beverages for such occasions – lower prices will be there for beers of various producers, crackers, peanuts, chips, roast sausages, pork and beef kebabs, tortillas, burgers, soft drinks, disposable grills, even combined barbecue (25%).

Warm days are ideal for picnics. It is sweetest to eat in company, and if the meal is in nature, enjoyment is guaranteed. We will help you with discounts on ham toast, smoked chicken breast slice, Emmentaler and cheddar cheeses, which are great to combine in sandwiches. Some fruit juices, thermos bottles (up to 50% discount), soft drinks, rye toast and three types of hand refrigerators, which are reduced by up to 25%, will have lower prices!

We also thought about your recreation moments and thus reduced the prices of various types of bottled water, energy drinks, muesli bars and part of the Jumbo range that will be available in Super Vero markets such as bicycle helmets, practical backpacks and sports canteens.

For romantic dinners on the terrace, you will be able to get various types of wine and champagne, smoked salmon, budola (dried pork neck) and appropriate hard cheeses. We didn’t forget about the wine glasses, which we reduced to 39%.

The main treat that summer cannot do without is ice cream. We have reduced the prices of domestic and foreign producers of this ice delicacy, as well as the prices of dessert plates and mousse bowls in which you will serve your cold-sweet creations.

An additional surprise for you is the offer of 7 types of ice cream from the famous Greek manufacturer Evga, which is synonymous with summer joy. The tastes are varied and everyone will find what they like – from chocolate, vanilla, banana and strawberry to the taste of biscuits, wafers and hazelnuts.

We are especially pleased to present Kaimaki ice cream, which you will only be able to find in Super Vero. It is made from Greek mastic and salep which give it a unique taste.

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