We have provided products that will satisfy the palate of even the most demanding customers, and they can be purchased exclusively in Super Vero.

Fans of German beer will be able to enjoy Engel light and dark beer, made according to a traditional recipe. Find out why beer lovers in Germany are toasting with ‘Prost mein Engel’, or “Long live my angel” at this link.

Whether it is bought because it goes well with beer or for other reasons, chips are one of the most favourite snacks. In Serbia, one can find particular type of chips – Tyrells crisps only in Super Vero. The chips is chosen by the palates of the most demanding customers, and is famous outside the country. According to the first reactions of the buyers, we can say that the original British crisps (chips) Tyrells will be positioned high among premium brands. Try potato crisps with different spices, but be sure not to avoid vegan Tyrells crisps from beets, carrots and parsnips. It is unique and irresistible. Details about Tyrells products can be found at this link.

During Lent, and especially for Christmas, there is always a variety of fruits on the table, both fresh and dried and candied. Super Vero is known for fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables from Greece, and now you can buy dried and candied fruits from the Greek company Mokias, known for these products since 1988. They procure mangoes, papayas and, of course, pineapples from Thailand, the “pineapple land”. From Turkey and Greece, lands full of sunshine, they procure apricots and figs. Prunes of top quality come from Anjou.

It is needless to say how important is to get fresh meat, and to get it from free range and from livestock raised in nature, away from industrial plants. We are known for lamb from Pester and Stara planina, where trout and carp sold in Vero fish markets come from, for pork from Zlatibor, etc. As from recently, you can also buy mangalica products and horse meat from the Zasavica nature reserve in Super Vero.

We wish you happy holidays and that the table is full of varied and delicious food as every Christmas!

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