In Super Vero bakeries, at 4 locations in Belgrade, you can buy fresh bread and pastries every day.

Our bakers use a traditional recipe to prepare the dough. We knead every day, we patiently wait for the dough to rise and we bring it freshly baked to the display cases.

There is a great choose  and from the offer we single out the best-selling Belgrade homemade bread. In addition, for fans of specific tastes, we also prepare:

  • Bread banet – peasant banet
  • Ciabatta bread with spices
  • Kulmbaher bread
  • Chia seed bread
  • Arrabo banet bread
  • Old bread

In offer are  various pastries, and among them are hand-made pies and gibanice.

We also provided a bread chopper, which is easy to use. Already on the market, when you buy, you can quickly and easily cut fresh bread into slices and pack them in cellophane bags.

You can find the listed products in Super Vero bakeries in the following locations:

  • Miss Irbijeva bb, Konjarnik
  • Nikodima Milaša 2, TK Zira
  • Vojvode Stepe 253, Voždovac
  • Braće Jerković 114, Voždovac
  • Corner of Partizanska and Industrijska street, Novi Sad

We are proud that we can offer our customers home-made and fresh food every day according to recipes that have recently been used less and less in households, and even less in industrial production.

There are more than 600 Greek products in the assortment, and some of them can only be found at Super Vero markets, so the bakery showcases also include traditional Greek pastries from the IONIKI brand. This brand is already known for products made of thin crusts and puff pastry, you can try different products from traditional pies, croissants, stuffed bagels and all that from hand-kneaded dough.

And there are the original French pastries Chateu Blanc. The unique taste of butter is due to the unique production process. Our offer includes:

-more types of croissants (empty, with cream and apricot)

-A blanket

-palmier (cinnamon puff pastry, so-called “ivory ear”


We invite you to visit Super Vero and make sure of the quality.

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