Brita is a German company, recognized for its quality and known all over the world. Its founder, Heinz Hankammer, was a pioneer in optimizing drinking water. In the early seventies, with the help of the whole family, he created the first mobile water filter for household use and registered it as a patent. Since early seventies Brita pioneered the development of new products that will make life easier for people who care about the quality of the water they drink. The water that has passed through the Brita filters is tasty, softer and more drinkable. Filter also frees of limescale, lead, copper, with reduced chlorine and other elements that negatively affect its taste. Due to all the above, it is ideal for preparing meals and provides a better aroma and taste of tea, coffee and other beverages.
As quality has been confirmed over the years, Brita has become synonym for the water filters in Germany.
Several different Brita products with water filters for different purposes can be bought in Super Vero at a 50% discount.
• On tap faucet system with three-layer filter and additional bacteria removal
• Water bottles with compressed multilayer filter, without BPA
• Decanter with Maxtra filter of advanced technology with 4 levels of filtration
• Dispenser with Maxtra filter, advanced technologies with 4 levels of filtration

To buy Brita products with a 50% discount, you need to collect a certain number of stickers. The exact number of stickers for each product is indicated on the brochure and Vero club members need 4-6 less compared to other customers. If you are not a Vero klub member, visit website www.veroklub.rs or download the SUPER VERO application and register online.
Stickers can be obtained in two ways: for every 500 dinars of purchase or by purchasing products that are highlighted on the brochure as “promotional products” (they are marked with special wobblers in the markets).
Stickers can be collected from July 10th to August 10th 2022. Discount can be used until August 31st 2022.

Maxtra Flow Control technology ensures steady water flow and constant filter quality and life. The Brita Memo lasts from the moment the Maxtra filter was last replaced. The Brita Memo function is an integral part of Brita jug models such as Marella Cool, Marella XL, Flow.
BRITA Meter is an advanced system for monitoring the optimal amount of filtered water. Depending on individual consumption, water hardness, as well as the total volume of filtered water, the indicator emphasizes when it is time to replace the filter. This unique technology is an integral part of the Brita Elemaris premium model.

The Brita Maxtra filter works as follows:
First step – Intensive pre-filtering
In the first step of intensive pre-filtration, the mesh filter retains impurity particles that are present in the water supply network.
The second step – filtering with ion exchangers
The ionic resin that is an integral part of the filter reduces the carbonate hardness caused by limescale present in the water. Limescale in water affects the quality of water and the formation of limescale deposits on all household appliances. This filtration process reduces the presence of metals such as lead and copper.
Third step – activated carbon filtration
The activated carbon contained in the filter, obtained from the bark of the coconut shell, reduces substances that affect the smell and taste of water. Substances whose presence decreases are chlorine, certain pesticides and organic impurities.
Step 4 – Intensive final filtering
In the final step of the advanced Brita Maxtra water filtration, a special fine mesh filter retains the rest of the impurities.
Advantages of using Maxtra filters is water that is softer, drinkable and tastier water. Water that has passed through the advanced Maxtra filtration system is ideal for cooking healthy food, prevents scale deposits on household appliances, you get tea and coffee of better taste and the filtration system itself is responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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