Vegan products offer

We pay atention on different needs and gropus of customers, that make us recognized by vareity of assortment. Also, for all who choose vegan’s type of food we have great choose of products, that are hard to find.

Beyond Burger

World’s companny Beyond meat made Beyond meat is an excellent alternative to meat of animal origin. It is made from pea protein. We offer the Beyond Burger which is as juicy as a beef burger. It is important to mention that its production uses as much as 99 percent less water and 46 percent less energy. In addition to juiciness, there is also a fantastic taste, and its important advantage is that it does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats, as well as gluten or soy.

Beyond meat is cooperating with Ioniki brand, that is known for original greek pastries and can be found in Super Vero stores.

Ioniki Beyond pie

Another high quality product – vegan pie with Beyond meat. Its filling can be very beneficial to your health. It is the result of a revolutionary research conducted by the Beyond Meat company (’more than meat’), which has achieved top results in the process of making meat on the basis of plants. Beyond meat is the perfect superior taste and texture.


This meat substitute program is a combination of barbecue tradition and vegan variant. Vegapcic imitates the traditional taste of Serbian barbecue. It does not contain meat but sprouted whole grain seeds (it is one of the rare products from sprouted cereals on the world market). Such a product has high health benefits and low caloric value, and the taste is not neglected, on the contrary. Raw materials for  vegapcics are procured from small domestic producers, who growth cereals in traditional way.You can also find kebabs and burgers from this manufacturer in our shops.

Raw cakes

Handmade raw cakes from a domestic manufacturer that finally solve the dilemma of those who want or must strictly follow the diet but would still like to eat something sweet. The cakes are very tasty even though they have no sugar, flour and eggs. They do not contain additives, gluten, artificial colors or GMOs. You can find them in all our stores except the one in Brace Jerkovic.

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