Vegan Beyond meat burgers and sausages

Super Vero expands the offer of vegan products. Thanks to the cooperation with the company Beyond Meat, we want to introduce you to burgers and sausages made of “vegetable meat”. In addition to Ioniki pie with Beyond meat, which we have already presented, we want you to know that from now on you can buy vegan products in a new packaging. We guarantee that it will not leave you indifferent.

New Beyond burgers are made from pea protein. They are everything you could imagine; juicy, tasty and nutritious because they contain sufficient amounts of protein, fat and minerals as well as meat of animal origin. It is important to emphasize that 99% less water is used in the production of Beyond meat. The taste is also not called in question because the Beyond burger has everything that has always been a feature of meat burgers. You will enjoy a juicy, perfectly seasoned burger and you will know that your body will have many benefits from it because Beyond meat is not genetically modified, does not contain hormones, antibiotics and does not raise cholesterol levels. The meat does not contain synthetic additives, neither soy nor gluten.

If you prefer sausages, they are ideal for quick grilling or frying, and there will be a familiar sizzle while you bake them.

Plant-based meat sausages are great for breakfast, fried on their own or if you want to make frittatas or omelets (you can prepare them only with egg whites, whole eggs or any plant milk) with or without spinach. The flavours will go well with the aromatic herbs you can add at the end. Vegans will probably rather bake Beyond sausages with cherry tomatoes or roll them in ground coriander before frying and add chopped red onions.

Prepare Beyond meat burgers like the traditional ones  – the order of nicely toasted buns, ketchup, caramelized onions, salad and a desired cheese is well known. We suggest French fries for the complete enjoyment.

Eat healthy and feel great because you care about health, animals and sustainability. And don’t forget – The only constant in life is change. Apply that wisdom in your life and try something new. You wont regret it.

Look for Beyond meat products in Super Vero stores at a price: Beyond meat vegan burger 2x113g – 849.99 and Beyond meat vegan sausage 2x100g – 829.99 RSD.*

*Regular price in stores per day 05/21/2021

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