Treasury of tastes from Serbia

From October 1 to October 14 Super Vero has prepared a special offer called the Treasury of tastes from Serbia – products that arrive on the shelves from all over Serbia. Meat products, dairy products, wines, sweets and much more are available. What they have in common is a proven quality and traditional way of preparation, and most of them come from small farms.

Fresh meat comes from Zlatibor and Stara Planina. In addition, there are authentic Serbian products such as: Pirot ironed sausage, kulen from Srem and mangalica products from the area of ​​Zasavica.

We single out kaymak from Pester, which owes its taste to rich grazing lands and meadows rich in medicinal herbs. The widely known Sjenica cheese will also find its way to your table. For lovers of goat’s milk products we offer there is also goat’s yogurt which is especially important due to the richness of probiotic bacterial cultures that have numerous benefits for the body.

Another important element of local cuisine are grains and bread that we prepare from them. To support you in balancing your diet, Super Vero has prepared spelt, wheat, corn and buckwheat flour, which come to us from Backa, that is, from the farm of the Alargic family from Vrbas.

From the organic products on offer, we can single out the organic forest blueberries mother juice from Vlasina area, from the protected natural household in the vicinity of which there are no factory plants or any sources of chemicals.

We also present you chocolate hazelnut corals from local plantations and hand-made fruit jams from Pozega.

You can now also buy original pottery from Zlakusa, used for traditional food preparation, in Super Vero markets.

It’s good to know how to pair wine with fine food. Some of the prominent domestic labels come to us from the monasteries of Koporin, Studenica and Decani. One of the most famous wine regions, with a long tradition of growing vines is the Negotin region, where the Bukovo monastery is located. Extremely favourable climatic conditions, fertile soil and a long tradition have favoured the cultivation of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and very rare black muscadine.

You can see the entire offer in the leaflet. We invite you to visit Super Vero and find products of high quality and proven origin in one place.

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