Top quality lamb from Pester plateau

When it comes to lamb, we decided to expand our offer. We believe that you will enjoy this specific meat, which we are now procuring from the Pester plateau, which is also called ‘Serbian Siberia’ due to high snows and low temperatures.

Our business policy includes constant cooperation with small agricultural farms that lead their herds to graze on the slopes of the mountains across Serbia and for whose products we can guarantee that they are certified and healthy. We are especially proud of the cooperation with the Pester farms for several reasons.

Our largest plateau has many natural beauties that are not endangered by anything because it is tucked between seven mountains and, therefore, quite inaccessible. Specifically, we cooperate with households in Bioc,  a village located at an altitude of 1135m. Climate in that area is extraordinary, nature is untouched and clean, and the quality of the grass that the sheep graze is special because of medicinal herbs. All these factors contribute to the premium quality of the meat and a first-class gastronomic experience is guaranteed.

The meat is soft and has an unforgettable taste, so the claim that lamb from Pester is a rare specialty that is hard to find in other parts of our country is true. A traditional autochthonous breed of sheep is bred there, the Sjenica-Pester pramenka sheep, which is part of our national treasure. The sheep are in the meadow during the grazing season, which lasts for about six months, because pramenka is not a sheep for stable breeding conditions. It is completely united with the nature of the region in which it originated and in which it lives, and it is very resistant, adaptable and tough. It successfully endures extremely cold winters, as well as large temperature fluctuations in just one day. It can be said pramenka is one of our best domestic sheep breeds.


Our wish is that you see the quality of the lamb from Pester by yourself by preparing it for your family and friends. Get it in our markets before the holidays. Quantities are limited. We guarantee that everyone will be delighted and that you will keep coming back to buy it.

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