Tips for successful school start

Beginning of school brings great changes both in the lives of children and in the lives of parents who may have many questions about how to prepare children for this important step, what to expect in the phase of adjusting to new responsibilities and how to help their children learn new knowledge faster and more successfully. We talked about this with experts in the field of psychology, speech therapy and pedagogy and prepared a publication “Textbook for Parents” for you.
How much can parents influence a child’s speech development; what a visit to a speech therapist looks like; why sports schools are important for children and how a child learns through play; how to organize extracurricular activities without burdening the child – these are just some of the questions on which you will get an expert opinion. The “Textbook for Parents” was supported with their advice and knowledge by: Center for Child Psychology, School of sports ‘Kids Zone’, Speech therapy cabinet Logograd and Tanja Vrecko, teacher at the Elementary school ‘Mladost’ in New Belgrade.
This practical brochure is designed in such a way to be always at your hand and to be so practical that you will return to it throughout the whole school year. It will also help you to ‘sail’ into the school year, but also to get informed about important issues such as the challenges and benefits of upbringing and education in the digital environment as well as about the organization of the child’s sports activities.
An interesting addition to all the useful professional advice, which will appeal to even the youngest, are the stories about the school days of famous Serbs. Through short stories, children will learn more about Milutin Milankovic and Mihajlo Pupin, and the successes of these two world-renowned scientists will inspire them to follow their interests and improve their knowledge.
Preparing textbooks is our way to wish you good luck and success in the new school year. All those who shop in Super Vero stores on September 1, where they will also find a wide range of products, including school supplies of various and interesting designs, will have the opportunity to receive their copy of the ‘Textbook for Parents’.

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