This weekend: Retiree discount in Super Vero stores

Every month, Super Vero stores approve 10% discount for retirees on the days of pension payments determined by the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund for the “Employee” category (PIO.RS)

However, this weekend, although the payment of pensions is not in progress, Super Vero stores will give 10% discount for retirees (23- 25.10).

It is expected that retired fellow citizens ask which prices are now “locked”, ie for which the discount does not apply. They like to buy in Super Vero, because they know that the discount is valid for the purchase of products that interest them the most: fresh meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, flour, oil, fruits and vegetables, and for more than 20,000 other products from different categories.

Discount cannot be used on cigarettes, newspapers, magazines and Jumbo products, whose initial price is extremely low, as well as on products that are already on sale. As the products on sale usually have a much higher discount, savings from the purchase are higher.

This weekend, for example, fresh lamb meat is 599 rsd per kg. Whether you celebrate or you are guest on slava, Super Vero has special offer till 24th November.See all current promotions on the website.

It is worth knowing that all fresh beef, chicken, lamb and pork in the Super Vero butcher’s shop are 100% fresh and home-grown on small farms.

To get a retiree discount, it is necessary to show a pension check, a bank report, an ID card or other valid identity document.

Dear retirees, let Super Vero be your first morning location.

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