The Vero klub surprises

The days of celebrating the first birthday are behind us, and many new surprises are yet to come. During the two weeks of the celebration, the members of the Vero klub used the opportunity to collect more points and get as much as 30% more vouchers of 500 dinars.


The birthday offer in the period from 11st to 24th February included:


  • Gift of 100 welcome points for membership
  • More than 250 products with an additional 3-500 points
  • More than 100 products with big discounts that go up to 50%
  • DOUBLE POINTS on Sunday, February 14, on Valentine’s Day because Faith means fidelity.


The biggest surprise was for the customers who met the promoters in front of the Super Vero market and showed their Vero club card, a piece of chocolate birthday cake.


Look at part of the birthday atmosphere.



For the new year, the award in the form of vouchers worth up to 2,500 dinars was given to 200 most loyal customers, then without confetti, but it certainly came in handy during the year when there are a lot of expenses.


We invite you to follow the promotions and offers, because in addition to the guaranteed benefits, there will still be many unexpected rewards waiting for you.

It is easier to follow if you have registered on the site or application and left contact information. With registration, you get an online card, so you no longer have worry about whether you brought it.


For details regarding the loyalty program, see more at the link. We advise you to register online, on the website www.supervero.rs and / or the Super Vero mobile application. That way, you will always be able to have an insight into the status of points, special offers and the Vero Club card will practically always be with you. The online card is in a registered account and you can use it when making a purchase.


No points are awarded for the purchase of printing, cigarettes, and Jumbo products.

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