The soul of Metohija – an enduring tradition


In cooperation with eminent domestic businessmen, Super Vero has once again decided to present a fantastic range of products with an authentic label – made in Serbia. On that occasion, in the period from 27.9. until 19.10. Super Vero will display a special offer called Treasure of taste from Serbia in specially marked places in all its retail stores. In addition to a rich selection of meat products, dairy products, sweets and other items of verified origin and quality, on this occasion we bring you the story of the widely appreciated winery of the Đuričić family.

The family production of The soul of Metohija winery was started more than two decades ago in Velika Hoča. Located near Prizren, in the area of ​​outstanding natural beauty with ideal conditions for growing top grape varieties – a large number of sunny days, the influence of the coastal climate that reaches this area through the White Drim valley and an average altitude of 400 m above sea level – The soul of Metohija produces wine according to an old recipe using modern technology. This wine-growing area has been permanently developing the wine-making culture since the reign of the Serbian Nemanjić dynasty, when the former Serbian capital Prizren was supplied with wine from Velika Hoča, and the wines from the cellars of the Đuričić family continue that tradition in the best manner. Thus, the shelves of Super Vero will be decorated with the widely known varieties Vranac, Game and Burgundac (Pinot noir), with aromas that will open all your senses, whether you enjoy it alone or in company.

From the unique offer of this renowned winery, the red wine created by careful selection of the highest quality grapes of the local Vranac variety stands out. It has a beautiful shade of red, and different flavors with aromas of blackberries, blackcurrants and blueberries leave a full and substantial tone on the palate. This is supported by numerous awards, such as the recognition of the Golden and Silver diploma for Vranac. The fact that their bottles are exported to France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Croatia speaks volumes about the quality of wine from the The soul of Metohija winery, and the visit of the famous Nobel laureate Peter Handke to the winery, who brought a few extra bottles with him to France, is also a curiosity.

The soul of Metohija produces 20.000 liters of wine annually, and all products are without added sugar, artificial colors and flavors. This extremely rich and strong wine is a perfect gastronomic combination. This is especially true for the already mentioned Vranac, which is fantastically complemented with red meat specialties, and you can combine it perfectly with other domestic products from the special range of Treasures of taste from Serbia, such as organic sheep’s cheese and cheese from Pirot, meat delicacies from Zasavica and Zlatibor mountain… You can view the entire offer in the leaflet or, simply, visit Super Vero and find more than 300 domestic products of high quality and proven origin in one place.


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