The famous taste of childhood – soft serve

Many people fondly remember their childhood because of its carefreeness and opportunity to live in the moment. We are especially happy when we remember the tastes from that period. Super Vero made sure one of them came back – it is soft serve!

You can find soft serve in Super Vero market in New Belgrade, where we decided to enrich the offer in our Bistro with this delicious, poured treat.

Soft serve is  cold cream that spirals and entices you to try it, it evokes positive emotions in us. The elders will remember the old days when they waited in a queue for soft serve when he first appeared. And those who try it for the first time will have the opportunity to create their own memories to retell.

Happiness can be bought even though you buy a seemingly small thing. When you try it, it becomes a huge pleasure. Sometimes all we want is a delicious little thing, but it becomes very important because it reminds us of unforgettable, bygone times.

Your senses will be satisfied. Interesting shape, sweet smell and pleasant taste will be your creamy fairytale shape for a moment. Don’t forget to share your happiness – enjoy soft serve with someone else – your child, friend, with anyone you love. Happiness is greater when it is shared. And when you find refreshment in a hot summer day.

You can find soft serve in a cup, small or big, with chocolate, strawbery or caramel toppings and with the following condiments: Kit Kat, Caprice, Plazma and Oreo. You can choose one of the toppings and condiments.

Whatever you choose, you will discover your little paradise. If you visit Super Vero and buy a soft serve, it will be like a good party that you entered without paying entrance fees and where your eyes enjoy the beauty and your soul the paradise.

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