The Ambassador of Greece opened the doors of Super Vero and Jumbo hypermarket in Novi Sad

Novi Sad, December 22, 2022 – The citizens of Novi Sad got another reason to rejoice in these New Year’s days, thanks to the Greek company Veropoulos. The opening of the first Super Vero and Jumbo hypermarket was accompanied by great media attention, and the entire event was graced by the presence of the Greek ambassador.

With the symbolic cutting of the red ribbon, which was cut by the Greek ambassador Maria Levadi and Nikos Veropoulos – one of the owners of the Veropoulos company, the opening of the largest Super Vero and Jumbo hypermarket in the region was made official. The ambassador pointed out how glad she was that already in the first month of her engagement in Serbia, she was honored to attend the opening of a market that overshadowed all the ones she had been to so far.

After the ceremonial opening, guests had the opportunity to tour the 10,046 square meter building and thus see for themselves the grandeur of the entire project. On this occasion, a cocktail party was held where Nikos Veropoulos presented the business history of the Veropoulos Group, which also operates in North Macedonia, noting: “We were the first foreign investors and bought land back in 2001, believing in the future of these countries.” To this day, we are sure that the future is bright, which is why we continue with investments. Next year, we will open another large Jumbo market in Belgrade. 15 million euros were invested in the new facility in Novi Sad and more than 100 jobs were created, with the tendency for the number to increase.”

The Veropoulos company has been a proud sponsor of the Paralympic Committee of Serbia for many years, and the opening of the Super Vero and Jumbo hypermarkets in Novi Sad was attended by our national team members, Paralympic table tennis champions Borislava Perić Ranković, Nada Matić and Mitar Palikuća.

Serbian Athens, as a multicultural and educational center, has been attracting people outside of Novi Sad and Serbia for centuries. From now on, there will be another strong reason to visit this beautiful city, and that is the newly opened hypermarket. Super Vero chooses the best from Serbia and Greece for the table, and Jumbo has everything for the family and home. In the past, on the way back from vacations people were exiting and used to stop to Jumbo near Thessaloniki, now even more complete shopping is possible throughout the year without crossing the border – in Novi Sad.

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