Super Vero winter offer of car equipment

Winter equipment in cars is very important, while winter tires and chains are mandatory from November 1. In Super Vero markets  you can find a large part of winter equipment for cars at affordable prices.

Matte car snow socks, different sizes

Snow socks are used as a replacement for car chains. By law, they are allowed for use and are easy to install on  wheels.

Car windscreen wipers, different sizes

For good visibility on the roads, it is necessary to have good wipers. Praxis wipers are reliable, easy to install and can be used for all seasons.


Charging cables 200 A

If you have problems with starting your car or if your battery is weak, these cables will be a necessary part of your car equipment. Lengths up to 2.2 m, Praxis cables are a real help on the road.


Matte roof racks

Matte EasyRack RoofPad are universal roof racks, which can be easily installed on all types of vehicles.

Snow chains

Snow chains are a mandatory part of winter equipment in cars. Available in various sizes, Praxis snow chains will be necessary if there is snow on the road.

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