Super Vero hosted the champions

Table tennis class with professionals

Super Vero hosted the champions

Paralympians showed once again what they are best at


In anticipation of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Veropoulos company, in cooperation with the Paralympic Committee of Serbia, organized a gathering with members of the para-talbe tennis team, who held a kind of public table tennis class for the people present.

On behalf of one of the most trophy-winning Paralympic national teams, Borislava Peric Rankovic attended this event. She is the winner of 20 medals at European and world championships, both in individual and team categories, and the winner of four medals at Paralympic competitions. Nada Matic, the winner of silver and bronze at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 also attended as well as Mitar Paliku’a, who won a bronze medal at the same games.

In addition to measuring each other’s strengths and showing readiness for the upcoming competitions, the representatives of the para-tennis team also played table tennis with those present. The event in front of the Super Vero store in Konjarnik gathered representatives of the media, table tennis clubs, recreationists, but also loyal fans who showed their support in this way.

The company Veropoulos, which includes the brands Super Vero and Jumbo, is a proud sponsor of the Paralympic Committee of Serbia. ‘Today’s meeting, which we are organizing as part of our traditional Greek month, is just one of the ways we show our support. On this occasion, we wish them luck to continue their winning streak and make us happy with new victories and successes’, said Maja Kosic Vuckovic, marketing director of Veropoulos.

‘We are extremely pleased that today, together with our partners from Super Vero, we have the opportunity to once again acquaint the public with our successes. We thank the Veropoulos company for the invitation and support, with which we will continue to work on popularizing the Paralympic movement and winning new medals’, said Zoran Mićovic, President of the Serbian Paralympic Committee.

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