Super Vero celebrates its 20th birthday and rewards with a trip to Greece!

Back in 2002, the first foreign hypermarket was opened – Super Vero in New Belgrade. We have been sailing together for 20 years! As a sign of gratitude, the traditional Greek month becomes a birthday month. Therefore, by buying Greek products at a discount of up to 20%, you can win a holiday for two persons on one of the Greek islands in a 5-star hotel!

The trip is organized in cooperation with the Mediteraneo agency, which specializes in the Greek islands and Cyprus.

Before the trip, all customers will be able to feel the Mediterranean and the energy of Greece in the Super Vero markets whose interior will be enriched with scenes from Greece.

The scenography with scenes from the Greek islands is there for the atmosphere, but also for the prize competition. Take a photo in front of one of the photo landscapes, post a photo on your unlocked Instagram account with an explanation of what your ideal boat ride would look like, buy products worth 1000 dinars (on one receipt) from the leaflet “Sailing together for 20 years”. A jury of experts will select three the most creative posts.  The prize winners will be announced by July 15th, 2022, on Super Vero Instagram account and website.

Detailed explanations of the rules of the prize competition are on this link, but we draw your attention to save the invoice as proof of purchase.


The regular offer of Super Vero includes more than 600 Greek products, which is why it is a favorite destination for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. During June, we will publish recipes of favorite Greek specialties on the website. All the necessary ingredients can be bought in Super Vero, and you will be able to buy and try some of the dishes on the ready meals department.

Favorite souvenirs from Greece are perhaps more often foodstuffs than shellfish. Keep in mind that everything that tourists usually bring from their travels and that like to eat on summer vacations can also be found in Super Vero. Whether it is olive oil, dairy products such as goat’s chocolate milk or Greek-type yogurt, Caprice or other sweets, pastries, pine honey, wine, sweets, olives or juicy fruit and vegetables. There are also Greek coffee, juices, saffron tea (Greek purple gold) etc.

One of the favorite Greek brands is Monoxilitis. These are products from unpolluted natural areas of Mount Athos, from incense, through monastery wine, jam and honey to olive oil and so on.

Visit us in June and choose Greek products with the sounds of Greek music that will be in the markets throughout the month. Save up to 20% and participate in competition.

The last but not the least, thank you for being with us through the years 😊

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