Summer flavors of Greece – Kri-Kri ice creams

Summer is coming, and with it light clothes, sandals, sunbathing and travelling, as well as craving for ice creams – creamy pleasures, combinations of refreshment and sweetness. The main motto of the summer is enjoyment, which is always twice as great with an ice cream. You can find it at every step but the exclusive ones are rare. We solved that problem with the offer of ice creams from the Greek company Kri-Kri.

The Kri-Kri company has a tradition of 67 years and the production according to the highest quality standards in a modern factory in Serres.All Kri-Kri ice creams contain 100% natural Greek milk produced in the Struma valley. Therefore, each of them hides a part of Greek nature deep inside.

Super Vero has chosen ice cream cones (smaller and larger) and family packs for you. There is, for example, a large stracciatella cone with almond-chocolate topping of the Greek brand ION, as well as a family parfait pack with a vanilla-cocoa combination and nuts pieces. Also, there are other interesting taste combinations.

Even the most demanding consumers have praised Kri-Kri ice creams, stating that they have a real taste of milk instead of frozen water with powdered milk. All products are highly esteemed by lovers of iced treats. And the top method of production which does not change with years.

It is also stated that ice creams are reminiscent of the good old days. We are sure you will not know which ice cream to choose, so we suggest you try everything. Kri-Kri ice creams are sold in yellow refrigerators in Greece, and we have brought Greek summer in Belgrade, find refrigerators with Kri Kri ice cream in Super Vero stores.

The whole family and all generations will be satisfied with those ice cream. You can’t go wrong when there is a delicious and perfect cream both outside and inside!

Take the opportunity and start enjoying without remorse – your summer freedom is on the doorstep!

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