Special Super Vero offer – vegan pie from IONIKI brand

Super Vero has not forgotten its customers who opted for vegan or vegetarian diet. In addition, spring is coming soon, and thus the need for purification and detoxification of the organism. Even those who are not on such regimes will be happy to make a change in their diet. That is why we have included another quality product in our offer – vegan pie with Beyond meat.



Greek brand Ioniki is already known for its products made of thin crusts and puff pastries – through a wide selection of traditional pies, croissants, hand-kneaded dough and stuffed bagels, they have achieved the most important thing – a friendly relationship with consumers. Ioniki pastries are soft and delicious and provide a feeling of satisfaction similar to the feeling when someone takes care of you.

Numerous tourists felt the airy and delicious joy and learned from the Greeks where it is best to stop by in the morning on the way to work or school for their favourite breakfast. They did not make a mistake and remained faithful to Ioniki products because the difference in taste is obvious.


Now we present you a new filling for our pastries which is at the same time very useful for your health. It is the result of a revolutionary research conducted by the company Beyond Meat (“more than meat”), which has achieved top results in the process of making plant-based meat. The first herbal burger, Beyond Burger, is their achievement.


Beyond meat is made of pea protein. Proteins are very important for our organism, which is shown by the very word ’protein’, which originated from the Greek word ’protos’, which means ’the first element’. Proteins are responsible for the proper functioning of cells, and Beyond meat has the same amount as, for example, beef. It is important to emphasize that its production uses 99 percent less water.

Beyond meat is the perfect symbiosis of two important goals – extracting nutritious protein blocks from peas and providing superior taste and texture.


Ioniki vegan pie, which combines the softness of the dough and the useful ingredients of the filling, will be ideal for the fast that will follow soon. As a multi-purpose product, it will bring joy to your face – a motion planned while it was being created. That’s how new friends are made.

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