Special offer of lean products

The Christmas fast, with which believers of the Serbian Orthodox Church prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, began on November 28 and ends on Christmas Day. As well as for all those who celebrate during that period, Super Vero has prepared a special offer – a large selection of lean products at discount prices.

You can see the offer of discounted products in the leaflet.

With us you can find a large offer of frozen and fresh fish. We offer you a fillet of white Atlantic fish in a package of 400 grams at a reduced price of 899.99 dinars. There is also seafood at a discount of up to 22%. You can find a large selection of fresh fish, from carp from Stara Planina to fish that arrives in 24 hours from the Indian Ocean, in our fish shops in Zira Market Center and Milutin Milankovića Street.

Of course, we also offer a large selection of red wine with a discount of up to 35% and additional points only for Vero Club members.

We have a really wide range of products – from things like hummus spreads, organic tahini, vegan cheeses, vegan ‘milk’ spreads, vegan meat products, plant-based whipped cream to traditional ones like roasted peppers, ajvar and cornichons.

We draw your special attention to Karagunis products – anchovies and sardines in sea salt in the way the ancient Greeks prepared them.

Traditionally, in Super Ver you can find a large selection of olives and olive oil originating from Greece. Monoxilitis products from Sveta Gora will hopefully find a place on your table again.

On Christmas Eve, we traditionally eat dried fruit, and we offer you dried fruit from Thailand, Greece and Turkey, of exceptional quality and taste.

An indispensable part of the New Year’s table is definitely the „ruska salata“, and with us, at reduced prices, you can find everything for its preparation, of course also in a lean version.

For all those who enjoy preparing good meals, you can find various ideas for a lean meal on our website.

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