Special offer as a celebration of the first birthday of the Vero Klub

Super Vero has been operating in Serbia for two decades, during which time it has been rewarding loyal customers with valuable vouchers on weekends for many years. With the intention of meeting the needs of consumers even better, a year ago, an advanced modern loyalty program called Vero Klub was launched.


The basis of the Vero Klub is collecting points in order to get vouchers worth 200 and 500 rsd for purchases in Super Vero. As a celebration of its birthday, in the period 11-24. February, an offer was created with which it is possible to get a larger number of vouchers of 500 rsd each even easier and faster:


– Gift of 100 welcome points for membership

– More than 250 products with additional 3-500 points

– More than 100 products with big discounts that go up to 50%

– DOUBLE POINTS on Sunday, February 14, on Valentine’s Day, because Vero means loyalty


Please note that these double points are calculated on everything that is normally scored on weekends:


– 1 point per 100 rsd spent

– Bonus 150 points for 3000 rsd

– Additional points for the purchase of products that bring points


Points are valid for one year and can be exchanged for vouchers at the time of purchase and used in one of the following arrivals at Super Vero:


– 200 points = 200 rsd

– 400 points = 500 rsd


In order to plan your purchase easier, take a look at the leaflet which contains all the details and the complete birthday offer.


For details regarding the loyalty program, see more at the link. We advise you to register online, on the website https://www.supervero.rs/ and/or the Super Vero mobile application. That way, you will always be able to have an insight into the status of points, special offers and so the Vero Klub card will practically always be with you. The online card is in a registered account and you can use it when you make

a purchase.


If you are not a member yet, use the opportunity to get 100 welcome points, which is halfway to a voucher of 200 rsd.


In addition to all the above, expect many other surprises. The most loyal 200 customers, for example, received points worth up to 2,500 rsd for the New Year!


Note: points are not calculated for the purchase of Jumbo products, cigarettes and printing.

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