ShopUVCube – station for disinfection of consumer carts and groceries

Given the seriousness of the health situation caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, Veropoulos has introduced adequate measures to protect customers and employees in its stores.

At one point, our lives changed drastically. We stayed in the houses, in quarantine, and we began to appreciate the most valuable thing we have – our health. And one of the best ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones during this period is disinfection. In everyday life, we encounter objects that transmit various microbes and viruses which were in contact with multiple hands. For that reason, in Super Vero stores there is a station for disinfection of both carts and products, ShopUVCube, which uses the latest UV technology without additional chemicals. ShopUvCube uses UV radiation and ozone for surface disinfection and is completely safe.

Microbiological tests show that in a predicted time of 20 seconds, as much as 99.99% of disinfection from viruses and bacteria can be performed. Empty carts can be disinfected, as well as carts with products, so consumers no longer have to do that at home. ShopUVCube is very easy to use, and instructions for use can be found in Super Vero stores.

The ShopUVCube disinfection station has so far been set up in the Super Vero market in New Belgrade, and it will also be set up in the markets in Konjarnik, ┼Żarkovo and Zira.

Let’s be responsible and take care of our own health, as well as the health of our family and the environment. Only together can we achieve the goal and overcome the pandemic as soon as possible. That is why all Super Vero and Jumbo facilities have security guards who control whether customers wear masks. Also, disinfectants are provided in each department, parking spaces are marked to keep the prescribed distance and health workers have an advantage when shopping in Super Vero stores. More information can be found at supervero.com

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