SempreViva – natural Greek cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetic products, it is not enough to just read the composition or a review. What will inspire you to return to the product is the feeling you had while using it.

You will remember the natural feeling, as if you bathed in dew from plants and the sun, and you will believe in these products.

Greek company SempreViva produces such preparative cosmetics. They carefully choose beneficial natural ingredients for its products.

SempreViva is inspired by the importance of maintaining beauty and health. It was named after houseleek (Sempervivum tectorum). When Paris and Helen, on their way to Troy, stopped briefly on the island of Kithira, which belonged to Aphrodite, Helen felt envy for the goddess of love, but Paris showed her the yellow flower and assured her that her beauty would last forever in the same way. Since then, houseleek has been a symbol of beauty that overcomes the passage of time.

SemperViva’s motto is that maintaining beauty must be accessible to everyone, and they have designed several product lines that, each in its own way, help to achieve this goal.

Try baths, lotions, butters and body scrubs, handmade soaps, hand creams and splashes through a diverse range of main ingredients:



This blessed Mediterranean tree will give you deep hydration and instant renewal of skin softness.

Aloe vera

This plant hydrates the skin without trace of oil. It is ideal for all skin types. The line is one of the most popular.


You will be amazed by the smell and effects of this enchanting and not so often used cosmetic ingredient.

White musk

Hydration of dry skin is the primary task of products with white musk.


Pomegranate is a real elixir of youth that helps you maintain the youthful appearance of the skin as long as possible.

Children’s program

SempreViva did not forget the youngest. We offer a preventive shampoo against lice, body lotion, shampoo and bath with chamomile and olive oil, cream used after changing diapers and mosquito spray.

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