Products from the Holy mountain Monoxilitis – only in Super Vero!

The Holy Mountain is one of the most famous Orthodox centers in the world. Legend says that the Holy Mother of God, traveling to Cyprus, stayed on Mount Athos due to bad weather. The population accepted her story and that is how the first baptisms started. Thanks to that, the Holy Mountain is also known as the “Garden of the Holy Mother of God”. Greece can boast of the natural beauty of these areas, but Mount Athos is equally important to the Serbian people. There are over 20 monasteries on the Holy Mountain and the most famous is Hilandar, the endowment of the ruler Stefan Nemanja.

The northwestern part of the Holy mountain is called Monoxilitis. This region, in addition to monasteries and regional value, is also known for the production of products of the same name.

Monoxilitis products are unique due to domestic production in ideal natural conditions, under clean air in unpolluted natural areas. Apart from pure nature, monks from the monasteries of Mount Athos also participate in the production.

Monoxilitis products can only be purchased at Super Vero. In addition to red wines and several types of fragrant incense, there are extra virgin olive oil, forest and pine honey, sage and thyme tea, jams with orange and fig honey, white wine, holy Myro oil and soaps with olive oil. The Monoxilitis range of products also includes gift sets, for women and men, which consist of an icon of the Mother of God or Saint Nicholas, a rosary as well as a pillow that represents an amulet.

If you are looking for an original gift for those who love and respect tradition, Monoxilitis products are the right choice.

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