Plant-based cosmetics

It is known that plant seeds are full of useful oils. They are similar in composition to the natural oil produced by our skin and that is why it absorbs them easily. Plant-based cosmetics are suitable for all skin types and people of all ages.

We present you the part of an asortment of plant-based products that you can find in all Super Vero markets.


New! – Biopoint products for professional hair care

Their products will make your hair stronger and more beautiful, and you will enjoy professional treatments in the comfort of your home. Users state that after using Biopoint preparations, the hair became healthier, softer and more shiny. The company invests in constant research and innovative technologies. The selected active substances penetrate the hair and strengthen it from the inside or act on the surface of the hair and protect it from external negative influences. Their bases are organic oils of argan, flax, cyperus and camellia. They also contain ceramides and keratin.

We have balms, masks and hair shampoos with ingredients that will regenerate and nourish your hair so that it shines.

Garnier BIO

These organic preparations do not contain parabens or synthetic colors.  Formulas are vegan, don’t contain ingredients of animal origin, nor are tested on animals. Inspired by the knowledge and skills of herbalists, the company chose herbals that target every skin type, which are intended for cleansing, hydration, anti-aging and care in general.

Herbal Essences

These preparations are full of ingredients that help damaged hair. They also give it fantastic scents inspired by nature. They contain plant essences whose quality is approved in the Royal Botanic Gardens in London. This company has designed a product for every known hair problem, and you can have full confidence in the ingredients they use.

We offer shampoos with argan oil, coconut milk, passionflower and rice milk, white grapes and mint, white strawberry and mint, conditioners with similar ingredients and masks made of argan oil and coconut milk.


These preparations contain a low percentage of aggressive chemicals. Soaps are soap-free and thus suitable for people with problematic face skin – there is no unpleasant feeling of tightness after use. Also, skin quickly absorbs their cosmetics. They are especially known for products that suit baby’s skin because they are neutral and meet the needs of their hygiene.

From the collection for babies we have selected extra soft creams, bath foams, shampoos, soaps, wet wipes and protective creams, and from the collection for adults antibacterial foam, anti-acne gel, face soap, tinted anti-acne creams, tonics and roll-on deodorants , as well as shampoos.


This Greek company also produces preparative cosmetics based on carefully selected beneficial natural ingredients. Baths, lotions, puffs, body peels, handmade soaps, hand creams and scented sprays have olive, aloe vera, grapes and pomegranate as the main ingredients. All products provide your skin with deep hydration, instant renewal and they maintain its youthful appearance.

There is also a children’s program with a preventive shampoo against lice, body lotion, shampoo and bath with chamomile and olive oil, a cream that is used after changing diapers and a mosquito spray.

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