Original flavors of Greece on your table

Greek gastronomy is full of fresh ingredients. Favourable climatic conditions, the Mediterranean Sea and a large number of sunny days are ideal for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables of excellent taste. The dishes are easy to prepare and olive oil is unavoidable, whether it is used for frying or roasting or as an addition to salads. Greeks like strong flavours such as garlic, lemon and spicy herbs (oregano, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves).

Greek chefs have always been appreciated, even the first gastronomic book was written in Greece during the reign of Alexander the Great.

During the Greek month in Super Vero, you will get acquainted with our offer of over 400 products from Greece. In order to prepare original Greek dishes out of them as authentically as possible, we have selected some famous traditional recipes for you.

Greek-style moussaka is a specialty. It is usually baked in earthenware pots. It has a creamy topping and a crisp crust. The modern Greek version was designed by chef Nikolaos Tselementes. His recipe has three layers that are separately prepared and eventually joined together. The first layer is eggplant, the middle is ground lamb cooked with tomato puree and spices, and the top is béchamel sauce. There are several versions of moussaka in Greece today, but eggplant and minced meat (sometimes it is beef or a mixture with lamb) are always the main ingredients. Along with the moussaka, we recommend the red Greek wine Thema.

Pasticio is a specialty that is made from thicker pasta, which is topped with a sauce of minced meat, béchamel and hard cheese in a pan, and everything is baked together in the oven. Nikolaos Tselementes is the author of the most modern version. He added béchamel sauce with nutmeg to it. It is often eaten with grated sheep cheese.

Cheeses are a common ingredient in Greek recipes. In addition to the famous feta, there are also hard yellow and slightly sweet Graviera cheese, as well as Kefalotiri and light yellow Kasseri semi-hard cheese. They are ideal for pies fried in a pan or for fritters with honey.

Feta, Kasseri and Olympos goat cheese are inevitable ingredients of the traditional spicy appetizer bouyurdi, the synonym fo Greek hedonism. The dish originated in Thessaloniki. It also contains tomatoes and hot peppers. You should eat it warm with some of the white Monoxilitis wines from Mount Athos, which can only be bought at Super Vero.

For the upcoming hot summer days, we recommend a light and refreshing tzaziki salad made from full-fat Greek yogurt, garlic and cucumbers.

Greek desserts are full of walnuts and sweet toppings. The Greeks like candied almonds and fried dough stuffed with honey and cinnamon. We suggest you try a dessert with Greek yogurt and pistachios, which are of dark green colour in Greece and have a special, very pleasant taste.

We hope that we have inspired you or at least helped you in deciding what to prepare for lunch in the coming days. Enjoy delicious and healthy recipes and revive the spirit of this Mediterranean country in your home.

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