Only in Super Vero – Greek goat’s cheese with herbs Medallion

Inahos  SA is a company producing high quality dairy products. Following in the footsteps of local tradition they have been producing cheese since 1920 in the central Greece region. On the one hand FETA cheese may be the company’s trademark and starting point but the experience accumulated over the decades combined with the continuous desire and will for progress and improvement on the part of the company’s people have led to the production of a large range of very specialized products which are distinguished by both high quality and originality.


Something that we single out from assortment is fresh goat’s cheese Medallion with herbs and spices.

A unique combination of tastes with only 19% fat. Authentic soft goat’s cheese with mixed dried herbs and spices found in the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy it as a table cheese, in a snack, with cold dishes or in salads.


In Super Vero stores you can find tastes:


  • Garlic, curcuma and pepper spice
  • Chili
  • Sweet pepper and basil


There are many health benefits for using goat’s milk instead of cow’s. Therefore, eating goat’s cheese as a replacement for cow’s is better for humans. Having herbs in it, improves health effects even more, as well as taste. Bon appetite!

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