Only in Super Vero – Greek dairy products INAHOS

When we ask the most loyal customers which products, they like the most in Super Vero, we usually get the answer that dairy products of Greek company Inahos are among favourites,

One of the most known Inahos products is traditional Greek yogurt in ceramic pot.

Mild, specific and pleasant taste, compact texture and original packaging that can be reused, won the sympathy of even children who would not expect you to accept any dairy product except cow’s milk. For the more distrustful, there is also a variant of cow’s milk, and both can be used as a dessert when they are topped with honey and walnuts are added.

We can’t talk about the Inahos brand without talking about its other delicacies.


Liokafto – hard cheese with herbs and paprika


A combination of table-cheese with herbs that smacks of the Mediterranean. The hues and aromas, parsley, basil, thyme, peppers and sun-dried tomatoes all perfectly wrapped in goat’s and cow’s milk cheese.

A rich and unique taste guaranteed to drive those taste buds wild. Eaten either on its own or with friends over ouzo or wine, or alternatively in pizzas, sandwiches.

This is a hard cheese with a solid texture and paprika both inside and on the outside. As the cheese matures, the aroma of the paprika blends in with the mild taste of the cheese. Made from a blend of sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk.


Roumelinoexcellent kind of “fried cheese”.


It has cylindrical shape so that it can be cut into rings, which are grilled on the charcoal or in the pan at high heat, without using any oil or flour.

When grilled, it softens, acquires rose color and aroma, and its flavor and gummy texture are revealed.


Seliani – goat milk hard cheese with pepper


A kind of hard cheese with compact texture and red, green and black pepper grains in its body. Prepared from 100% goat milk.  When matured “it is caressed” with sea salt that in combination with the pepper grains contained, at the end results a kind of cheese with strong aromas and distinctive spicy flavor, which becomes richer, when it is “fried.”


Primavera – table cheese with herbs


A mixture of table cheese and herbs that smacks of the Mediterranean. The colors and aroma of parsley, basil, thyme, peppers and sun-dried tomatoes perfectly wrapped in goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk cheese. A rich and utterly unique taste to excite every palate. Eaten either on its own, with friends over ouzo or wine, in pizzas, sandwiches.


Mousdrovo – semi-hard smoked cheese


A kind of semi-hard cheese made of milk of mountain sheep flocks, of goats and of cows of local breed. Since it is derived from milk of animals of low productivity, it has unique qualities. Spicy, with soft aroma of smoke. It is an excellent snack for cold dishes, and is accompanied by red wine.


FETA – the most famous Greek cheese


Following in the footsteps of local tradition Inahos has been producing FETA cheese since 1920 in the central Greece region where feta has been produced since ancient times.

In cooperation with producers who farm native breeds of sheep and goats in mountain pastures following traditional methods they manage to collect sheep and goat milk of exceptional quality characteristics. According to the recipe, which requires 70% sheep’s and 30% goat’s milk, FETA cheese of unique quality is produced, after maturing in traditional barrels in wooden barrels for at least two months. FETA cheese can be a trademark of the company and a starting point, but the experience accumulated over decades combined with a continuous desire and will for progress and improvement has resulted in the creation of a large assortment of highly specialized products characterized by high quality and originality.

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