Olympus goat’s milk and yogurt

Do you know why even the biggest opponents of food of animal origin still give the ’green light’ for goat’s milk?

It has an advantage over cow’s because it is richer in essential amino acids and proteins. What is even more interesting – its chemical structure (especially taurine) makes it similar to human milk. Also, it is easier to digest due to smaller drops of fat and it also contains vitamins that play a significant role in strengthening the nervous system (B1, B2, B6 and B12).

In addition to B vitamins, it is also rich in vitamin A – it has even, 47% more than cow’s.

Compared to cow’s, goat’s milk has four times more copper (besides this microelement it also iodine and manganese), and it is also rich in potassium, calcium (it satisfies almost 40% of daily needs) and phosphorus. These minerals are very important for funcitioning of the skeletal system. It is necessary to mention considerable amounts of zinc and selenium, which are essential for maintaining immunity.

Goat’s milk contains the phospholipid choline, which promotes the oxidation of fats in the liver and regulates the lipid status in the body. It is recommended in treatments of liver diseases, even the most severe ones, such as cirrhosis. It is interesting that goat’s milk contains a slightly higher amount of milk fat (4.1 – 6.5 g) but does not cause cholesterol.

We should not forget the fact that goat’s milk has a lower amount of lactose, so people who are intolerant to this sugar can consume it occasionally.

The spectrum of diseases that may be favorably affected by the consumption of goat’s milk also includes anemia, because, according to research, it can improve the absorption of iron in the intestines.

We have selected Olympus goat’s milk as well as yoghurt from this Greek brand. Besides all above mentioned properties of milk, the latter also has probiotic bacteria that can contribute to strengthening the immunity and prevention as well as a helping treatment for various infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

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