Offer of products for the celebration of slava

The autumn-winter season of celebrations of slavas began after Michaelmas. We believe you want to celebrate your slava, respect the tradition, thank the patron saint and host those present in the best possible way. Therefore, we present a range of products that will complete the festive atmosphere in your home.

Slava is related to respect for ancestors and is one of the most important Orthodox customs. Water is consecrated in the home, and the main ritual objects are: slava bread,  wheat pudding, oil, decorated wax candle, incense, red wine and the icon of the family patron saint.

After the ritual of cutting of the slava bread and turning it in the direction of the Sun and a toast for gratitude to the patron saint, there is a rich table waiting that is not the main goal of the celebration, but the host is happy when he can share what he has with the guests.

This year, Super Vero has a unique offer – you can buy a slava bread in our shops. The bread has 500g and its price is 249,99 dinars.

You also don’t have to worry about food. In our markets you can find a wide selection of dried meat products, fresh meat, spices, but also various types of cheese, such as goat cheese, blue or white moldy cheeses or Greek smoked cheese with spices.

You should also have several types of red, dark red and white wines on the table, and you can also serve the Greek ones.

We especially recommend Monoxylitis products from Mount Athos. Except red wines and several types of fragrant incense, there are forest and pine honey, jams with orange and fig. They can be a great gift. If you are a guest consider our special offer of slava packages and cosmetic sets. Those who want to prepare traditional dishes will be able to buy pottery from Zlakusa in Super Vero. We offer a 20l pot, saj tava, 5l stew-pan and guvec pot.

Whether you are a host or a guest, don’t forget the most important things – slava combines respect for the spirit of ancestors and Orthodox customs. Super Vero wishes you and your loved ones happy slava and that you celebrate it in health and joy.

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