Super Vero invites you to participate in New Year prize game and win some of the valuable prizes  which will make shopping in 2021 much easier.



Each week you can win 70.000 dinars or one of two prizes worth 30.000 dinars in vouchers for shopping in Super Vero stores.


Three main winners win 500.000 dinars in vouchers for shopping.


Vouchers can be used by the end of next year – 31.12.2021



You can take a part in prize game if you buy promo products in value of minimum 500dinars, in period 03.12 -30.12.2020.


List of promo products can be found in our brochure , website or on info desk in Super Vero store.


If you bought any of the promo products in value of at least 500 dinars, find the number on your receipt and send it via SMS to 8888. This is the number on receipt above the list of products you bought (example : 301-584986 )



Weekly prizes are drawn every Thursday during the prize game at 9:30 am, and the main prizes are drawn on 31.12  at 10:00 am.

Please keep your receipts because you will need to enclose the receipt with which you participated in order to collect your prize.


Prizes are collected no later than 40 days after the end of the prize game.


Detailed rules on the link.


The final list of drawn winners (i.e drawn receipt numbers) will be published on December 31, 2020 on the website http://supervero.rs as well as on the info desk in Super Vero stores.

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