New – organic eggs in our offer

Do you want to consume food that is grown the way your grandparents did? We live in an age when some aspects of industrial production are “under scrutiny”, and more and more people are opting for organic food, both plant and animal. It is more complete, with the right taste, the one you are used to before and which you will appreciate again. It is easy to get used to quality.

To that end, we have included organic eggs from Profesor Daus, who deliver eggs from their organic food farm in Seleuš. The yolks which they produce do not have an anemic but full, healthy yellow colour.



Why is it important to pay attention to organic eggs?


If the chickens are allowed to walk freely outside, it is clear that they will be happier. Joy is the energy that transmits. It is important to know that free-range farming means a secured environment for chickens in which they can explore what they will eat and spend time in the sun.

Organic eggs have an almost orange colour of the yolk because the chickens feed abundantly on green grass, worms and bugs. Also, organic cereals are included in the diet.

Organic products have as much as 40% more antioxidants and the level of vitamins and minerals is significantly higher than in inorganic ones.

One organic egg has twice as much omega 3 fatty acids, 3 times more vitamin E and 7 times more beta carotene than inorganic.


The eggs we offer you are certified and free breeding is done according to all world standards. One of them is the ban on the routine use of antibiotics, which means that they cannot be given preventively.


Don’t miss the chance for a quality breakfast


Fresh organic eggs are the right choice for a quality breakfast. You can easily get them in our stores in New Belgrade, in TC Zira I and in Konjarnik.


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