New in Super Vero – Tyrrells crisps

Enjoying crisps has never been more attractive – from December 28 you can find products of the famous company Tyrrells from Great Britain in our stores. We hope you will enjoy crunchy and savory snacks made from carefully selected ingredients that meet the highest quality standards.

Tyrrells crisps are made in the English county of Herefodshire from potatoes grown by local farmers. The places where potatoes are grown have not changed since the first days of production. The freshness and recognizable taste of crisps have been the company’s personal stamp since 2002. Some types of selected potatoes even have names – Lady Rosette and Lady Claire, which gives them a special personal stamp.

An important feature of Tyrrells crisps is that you will not have excess fat left on your fingers. In this company, baked potatoes are dried after being removed from the fryer in a specially modeled machine that removes excess oil. Also, it is important to emphasize that no artificial ingredients (artificial flavors, colours or monosodium glutamate) are added in the production process. Spices are natural and they are present just enough to tickle your palate in the most beautiful way.

You can find these variants of Tyrrells criss in all Super Vero markets:

Yellow packaging: ripe cheddar and chive

You will be delighted by the full and strong taste of ripe cheddar combined with the pleasant specific aroma of chive.

Blue packaging: crisps lightly sea salted

You will love the pleasant taste of minimally processed sea salt in crisps of balanced taste.

Green packaging: sea salt and cider vinegar

You will feel the perfect combination of the sharpness of apple cider vinegar and the subtle saltness of sea salt.

Sea salt and black pepper

This is a harmonious combination of pleasant saltness that entices the senses and crunchy pepper.

Green veggie crisps

Try a magnificent mixture of quality vegetable crisps with a little added sea salt. This combination includes parsnips, beets and carrots.

One try of Tyrrells crunchy pleasures will be enough. The bite will meet all your criteria and Tyrrells will become your favorite snack, whether you eat them yourself or share them with someone.

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