This is the big news for all domestic product fans! In the period from 27 September to 19 October on the specially marked spots in all Super Vero hypermarkets there will be unique offer “The treasure of flavors of Serbia”. The offer considers the genuine product of Serbia of high quality. All these products are produced in small farms across Serbia.

This project aims to support not only customers and those needs, but also small businesses in their challenge of brand construction and development. In line with this, Super Vero wants to encourage small businesses to apply to get the trademark “Cuvarkuca“, more. The mark guarantees that 70% of the raw materials of the product originate from Serbia.


Super Vero visitors will also have the opportunity to discover some new or less known products in Serbia, but very wanted abroad, such as products made from black and white truffles collected in Fruška Gora and Šumadija. In addition to the specific taste that gives dishes a sophisticated aroma, truffles help reduce fat levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and are a good choice for diabetics. They are also known as an excellent aphrodisiac.

There is also Crni biser from a family farm’s “Prirodno 0230” – fermented garlic that is black colored and sweet in taste. Garlic is known as a natural antibiotic and it is less known that there is a way to obtain stronger and sweeter garlic by fermentation under special conditions that can be used even in desserts, without fear of spreading a specific smell.

Hot pepper can also be sweet, jam can be made from champagne and caramelized onions can be used to complement the taste of the meat. “Manufaktura ukusa” of the Vukotic family holding packs pure hedonism into jars. Look for inks and spreads made in the traditional way, without color additives, gelatin and preservatives, and delight yourself and your loved ones.


Dairy produce symbolizes Serbian cuisine. From “Zapis Tara” the full-fat cow’s milk to goat’s milk products with multiple benefits for the body, organic sheep’s cheese and cheese from the Dairy School from Pirot, Sienica cheese and Pešter cream, Serbia’s Treasury of Taste offers something for everyone.

It is important what was used to graze the cattle, because the aromas of medicinal herbs on the slopes of the mountains spill over into the taste of milk and products made from it. Of course, traditional dairy and salted meat production methods have a big impact on the end result.


The range of dairy products is full only if it includes those made from goat’s milk and in Super Vero you can choose different – from creamy to full-fat, with smoke aroma or classic white, as well as a probiotic goat yogurt. It is always preferable to take ingredients that have a beneficial effect on health in its natural form, and goat’s milk and its products abound in just that.


The Pester plateau, for example, is known for its herbs and rich mountain pastures for cattle grazing, so its products, such as beef prosciutto, lamb meat, have a specific taste and aroma.

From the other side of Serbia, equally famous for its pastures and tradition, comes the famous Peglana sausage from the Pirot region.

Real lovers of meat and vegetables prepared in the traditional way will recognize the difference in taste obtained by cooking in pottery products, such as the famous Zlakuse, which are available for a longer time in the Super Vero markets.


Super Vero, through its Treasury, pays special attention to manufacturers of products that contain any harmful additives. That’s why in Treasury you can find products like organic stem juices from wild blueberries and other fruits, but also products from the famous Mangulitsa farm “Zasavica”, where the animals move freely and live under minimal human interference.

Srem is known for cured meat products without additives (from flavored sausage known as a kulen, to bacon). And in Prijepolje, domestic products from spelled are made. The spelt is species of wheat which is said to be a gift from the ancient gods. Prijepolje is also known for buckwheat, which is used to make buckwheat pie, the queen of this part of Serbia.

There are also natural soaps Naturea, made by the cold process of saponification of natural raw materials, with the addition of essential oils.

Zlatni cajevi was created by a combination of herbs from our premises. The herbs are carefully picked from plantations that have controlled conditions of selected seeds, taking into account sustainable development. When it comes to full-flavored teas, you get a teacup as a gift – scoop, spoon and strainer in one.

Homemade sweets, syrup, domestic salad known as ajvar and other products of Moć planine will delight your childhood tastes, while spreads from Slatka jesen, made only with the addition of sugar, will amaze you with their interesting combinations of candied fruit such as plums and anise, or pear and mustard.


It is widely known that trout prefer clean streams, and Stara planina, from which we regularly get fresh fish, is known for this. There is also Zavojsko Lake, which is used as a source of drinking water, from where carp also come.


Of course, no delicacy is complete without a good drink, and monastery wines from Hilandar, Dečani, Bukovo or from the famous Metohija winery, of the Đuričić family, will satisfy even the most demanding wine lovers with their quality.


In this way, Super Vero returns a smile to all lovers of domestic specialties, through well-known tastes that bring back childhood memories, but also the less well-known ones, which are lined up on the tables. In this way, after last year’s Treasury of Tastes from Serbia, many products became part of the regular Super Vera assortment, this year we are introducing new ones as well.

All you have to do is to choose and indulge yourself in the authentic flavors of Serbian regions, such as Stara Planina, Pester and Zlatibor, Zasavica, Fruska gora, Vlasinsko and Zavojsko jezero and others.

We invite you to re-enjoy old recipes and discover new tastes in the period from 27 September to 19 October.

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