Maximum measures for protection of customers and employees in all Super Vero and Jumbo stores

From the very beginning of the state of emergency in Republic of Serbia, customer and employee health protection has been further reinforced. In compliance with the instructions of the competent institutions, all measures of prevention, protection and hygiene maintenance in Super Vero and Jumbo stores are carried out at a high level.

Disinfectants are at customers disposal in all market departments for use during stay in Super Vero and Jumbo stores.


All shopping carts are being disinfected on regular basis.


In stores, customers are often reminded through loudspeakers that wearing protective masks is obligatory according to the latest decree of the Government of Republic of Serbia.


Additional care is taken about allowed number of people in the facility in relation to its square footage, as well as respect of the recommended distance between customers. On the floor in front of all cash registers and waiting lines 2-meter distance is clearly marked.


During their stay at the workplace, employees are protected with hygienic masks and gloves.
All cash registers are equipped with transparent plexiglass partitions that provide additional protection to both customers and cashiers.

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