“Living statues” in Super Vero

The first day of the Greek month will be celebrated by the ‘living statues’ performance, which will show the tradition for which Greece is widely known – the Olympic sports competition. If you want to be photographed next to an athlete, a discus thrower, and a goddess who rewards him with an olive branch wreath, visit Super Vero from 2 pm to 7 pm, on Tuesday, June 1. Furthermore, throughout the month, the complete scenography in the markets will be featured by favorite scenes from the Greek coasts. Even before you go on vacation, you can have a photo with a background with Mykonos, Lefkada or some other surroundings.



Learn from the champions

As proud sponsors of the Paralympic team, for 09.06. we announce an event for our youngest fellow citizens. The children will have the opportunity to play a game of table tennis with our Paralympic champions, but also to learn interesting things from the history of the Olympic Games.

See you in Super Vero in Konjarnik, lets learn together from the champions.

We invite you to continue to follow the events in Super Vero during the Greek month, browse our leaflet or try some of the original Greek recipes.

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