Large selection of bio and organic products in Super Vera

Good nutrition is a precondition for us to feel good and maintain our health. By choosing bio and organic products, we made a choice for which our body will be grateful. We usually find plant-based products in specialized stores and sometimes the offer is limited. However, in Super Vero stores, we can find a wide range of organic products in one place, not only food, but also assortments for skin and body care, i.e. bio cosmetics, which we have used to look for in specialized drugstores or pharmacies.


A new trend in meal preparation, for which there are strong health and culinary reasons, is the use of microgreens. It is possible to prepare them in numerous ways and thus enrich the table and increase the intake of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins by 10 to 30 percent. You can add microgreens to shakes, cocktails or serve them as a side dish with a variety of fish specialties and meat and salad specialties. They are already on offer in exclusive restaurants, and Super Vero is one of the few markets that offers them. Moreover, we have several types of them, including peas, basil, broccoli, red cabbage, red amaranth and pink radishes. The taste is intense, they are crispy, sometimes spicy, so you will enjoy combining them and discovering your favorite microgreen. Adding a small amount of them to a meal is enough.

Vegan cakes

If you are one of those who choose healthy sweets, you will love delicious vegan, raw cakes in Super Vero. They do not contain gluten, artificial colours or any type of additives.


Plant-based meat

Having in mind the different needs of its consumers, Super Vero has included various types of plant-based meat in its offer. Among them we have  Beyond meat of superior taste and texture from the Beyond Meat company. This alternative to meat of animal origin is equally juicy. Beyond meat does not contain cholesterol, saturated fats, gluten or soy. The Super Vero offer also includes the widely famous Greek pie of the Ioniki brand, but with Beyond meat.


Organic eggs

Some consumers may have decided not to consume meat, but they get protein, among other ways, by preparing chicken eggs. It is best to opt for the organic, free-range ones in this case as well. Super Vero cooperates with various manufacturers whose production processes are not mass and industrialized.

These products have as much as 40 percent more antioxidants, are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and beta carotene. The level of vitamins and minerals is also higher than with ordinary eggs.


Bio cosmetics


Just as we take care to prepare our meals from the best ingredients, it is important to use proven, natural preparations. Although this type of product is often not found on supermarket shelves, but exclusively in specialized cosmetics stores, Super Vero has included bio cosmetics in its offer.

To nourish our hair, we can opt for Biopoint products. Nurture with natural preparations will make our hair healthy, and that is something that will be immediately noticed in its shine and volume. When it comes to shampoos, you can spot Garnier solid shampoo on the shelves of Super Vero. It has as much as 94 percent of ingredients of plant origin. This natural cosmetics from the Aegean Sea is created in untouched nature, and in our country it is exclusively available only in Super Vero.


Monoxilitis – products from Mount Athos


When it comes to products from the Greek climate – we should mention the brand Monoxilitis, which can also be found only in Super Vero. Monoxilitis products, which include olive oil, jams, wines, snacks, but also soaps, originate on the Holy Mountain in untouched nature and, therefore, are the choice of a growing number of consumers.


Super Vero stands out precisely for the width of the range where everything is available in one place. There are also products that you may not have expected because they are not normally available in supermarkets.

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