Large selection of products on sale

Super Vero has prepared a special offer for the period of Christmas fasting, as well as for those who celebrate slava in that period – a large selection of non-animal products at special prices. In the new leaflet you can find additional information on which products are discounted.http://leaflet-14-12-6-1-2022

We offer you various types of red wines (from 599.99 dinars). In our markets you can find several types of smoked salmon (300g package is 316.99 dinars). We gladly remind you that in our markets in the Zira shopping center and the one in Milutina Milankovića street there are fish markets where you can get fresh fish and seafood every day.

We draw your special attention to Karagunis products – anchovies and sardines in sea salt in the way they were prepared by the ancient Greeks.

For the Russian salad in the fasting version, you can find a mixture of vegetables, pieces of tuna, various types of light mayonnaise and pickles. All the ingredients needed for the fasting Russian salad are reduced by 30%.

Don’t forget the vegan products only of plant origin (Beyond meat) and sweet ready-made pies. If you want to make them yourself, you can buy frozen cherries and prunes and give it a try.

We have a really wide range of products – from exotic ones such as hummus spread, organic tahini, vegan cheeses, vegan “milk” spread, vegetable whipped cream to traditional ones such as roasted peppers, ajvar and gherkins.

Traditionally, you can find a large selection of olives and olive oil originating from Greece in Super Vero. The products Monoxilitis from Mount Athos will, hopefully, find a place on your table again.

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