Incredible prices

We continue with incredible prices in the period from 27th until 30th of March in our building in Novi Sad, which is located on the corner of Partizanska and Industrijska streets. In addition to a large selection of domestic products, do not miss the opportunity to try more than 600 products of Greek origin. Juicy strawberries come straight from Greece at a price of 199.99 rsd for a 500g pack.
You’ve probably tried feta before, but we believe you haven’t tried the original feta from Lesbos, an island in the mainland of the Peloponnese. That’s why we offer it to you at an even lower price of 279.99 rsd for a 180g package.
We offer fresh salmon fillets that arrive from distant Norway at a reduced price of 1999.99 rsd/kilograms.
We also have our own bakery in our shop, where we knead bread and pastries every day, using a traditional recipe for dough preparation.


The offer also includes:


Since it’s fasting time, and we know that a lot of us like to eat tuna, that’s why we’re giving you a 42% discount on La Perla tuna in pieces.
Grilling season is upon us! Regardless of whether you are grilling meat, fish or vegetables, use “Kikkoman” soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce or any other from the “Kikkoman” range of products to enhance and highlight the taste of your dishes. On offer, up to 50% discount, is bbq sauce with honey, teriyaki with roasted garlic and many others.


With us, only if you are a member of the Vero Club you have the opportunity to buy the “Green vision” collection of baking trays from the famous German company Zenker with a 50% discount. More about the program at the link.
And if you haven’t, we suggest that you become one by going to the store and registering at the info desk or online.
Don’t forget the offer lasts from 27th until 30th of March, so hurry! 🙂

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