Incredible price offer

We hope you have visited our store in Novi Sad, on the corner of Partizanska and Industrijska streets. If you haven’t, we invite you to visit the largest hypermarket in Serbia and find everything you need for your home and family.

In addition to the regular weekly and two-weekly ones, in our store in Novi Sad we have also prepared an AMAZING offer for the May Day weekend!

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy fresh young lamb from Stara planina, where farms graze their herds and raise them in the traditional way, at a price of only 799 rsd/kg in the period from 27th of April to 7th May.

And in the period from 27th of April to 1st of May, you can also find:

Of course, along with grilled meat, many people like to consume mayonnaise and/or ketchup:

Preparing a barbecue without beer is impossible! That’s why there’s beer at a discount:

In our two-week offer, find a picnic grill, a refrigerator, as well as over 2,000 other products on sale.

And if you are a member of the Vero Club, you have the opportunity to take advantage of greater discounts and gain additional points, and if you are not, look at the link for all the benefits that the Vero Club card brings you.

May Day weekend is just around the corner, so hurry up! 🙂

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