In Novi Sad Super Vero and Jumbo opened their largest hypermarket in the region on December 23rd

With 10,000 square meters of sales area, the largest hypermarket in Serbia, located on the corner of Partizanska and Industrijska streets in Novi Sad, opens its doors to customers at 10 am. We invite the people of Vojvodina to join the loyalty program Vero Club to enjoy the benefits of membership from the first day.

Only on the opening day, you will receive 400 points worth 500 dinars as a gift for the first purchase with the card of the loyalty program. The points can be exchanged for a voucher on the first subsequent purchase from December 24 to January 31, 2023.

The Greek hypermarket comes to Novi Sad in the year the city was named European Capital of Culture. Like Athens in Greece, Novi Sad has long been the center of education and culture in the region, which is why the city has been given a new nickname.

The inhabitants of Vojvodina traditionally like Greece and often choose this country as a vacation destination. Now they have the opportunity to buy some of the 600 Greek products all year round, from Greek fruits and vegetables to dairy products, natural olives, olive oil, sweets, teas, natural cosmetics and Monoxilitis products from Mount Athos, which are only available in Super Vero.

Super Vero also supports local producers. It has compiled the offer Treasures of Taste from Serbia, which includes more than 300 authentic products from small Serbian farms. The high-quality meat in the offer comes from the mountain peaks – Stara Planina, Zlatibor and the Pest plateau. There are also products from Zasavica, Fruska Gora, Vlasna, Lake Zavoj and other parts of our country.

In addition to local and Greek products, at the Super Vero market you will also find exclusive products that cannot be found at other markets, such as British Tyrrels, French fries made from potatoes grown on local farms in the English county of Herefordshire, or original French pastries with pure butter without additives

Fresh fish and seafood are available every day at the fish market of the consumer market. The carp and trout come from Stara Planina. The offer also includes wild fish from free catch, such as swordfish and yellowfin tuna, which arrive from the Indian Ocean within 24 hours.

The Super Vero Bakery is known for preserving the old methods of preparing pastries – “baking the way it used to be done.” That is, the bakers develop the crusts, knead and wait for the dough to rise, and then bake. Every morning and throughout the day there are fresh pastries and different types of bread on the shelves

The hypermarket has a bistro, a café and a restaurant where customers can relax while shopping, with a wide selection of drinks, cakes and pastries or freshly prepared ready meals.

Super Vero takes care of the elderly, and the 10% discount for pensioners is given twice a month for two days. The discount applies to the entire range including sugar, flour, oil, fresh meat, bread, milk and eggs.

Because of the great offer and the pleasure of shopping, customers like to become members of the Vero Club. All members have benefits such as discounts on certain products or money back on purchases. Every customer can become a part of our club!

In addition to Super Vero, there will be a phenomenal Jumbo store, which will be the largest in the Balkans, except for the Jumbo store in Greece. Everything for home and family in one place, from various household products, toys, equipment for sports, school, pets, party programs, gifts for all ages and occasions, to the largest selection of New Year decorations.

See you in Novi Sad.

The opening hours of the market are daily after the opening from 8 of the clock to 1 of the clock



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