Become a member of Vero Klub and get the most out of Super Vero!

What is VERO Klub?

Vero Klub is loyalty program which purpose is to reward loyal customers.

Members of Vero Klub can collect points in every purchase and get vouchers worth 500 and 200 rsd.

Also, they can enjoy other benefits that will be created especially for them.

Basic Rules of the Vero Klub

How to collect points?

For each 100 rsd member of the Vero klub will get 1 point.

During the weekend, for each 4000 rsd member will get 200 points
Members can earn additional points for buying promotional products that are marked in the market.

How to get 500 or 200 rsd worth vouchers?

On cash register, before closing the bill, member can choose whether to take vouchers he earned or to wait and to take them next time he will shop.

200 points = 200 rsd

400 points = 500 rsd

The member of the klub that has enough points to get voucher worth 200rsd can choose to take it before closing the bill or to wait, collect 400 points and take voucher worth 500rsd.

For how long are points valid?

Each point earned is valid for 365 days.

How to check the data about points?

Data about points can be checked in any Super Vero store, on personal online profile and by calling call center on number 0800 112 111, free of charge.

Super Vero Points

Example for point calculation

Working Day
8350 rsd
8350 rsd
Basic points (1 point for each 100 rsd spent)
+ Points for buying particular promo product
+ Additional points for buying on weekends (200 points for each 4000 rsd)
Total points
500 rsd
1000 rsd
Points left

How to become a member of Vero Klub?

You can join for free in several ways. Vero Klub card is active immediately after joining.

In Super Vero store:
-by filling in the application form at the info desk
-via mobile phone at the info desk

-on website www.veroklub.rs
-via Super Vero mobile application

For additional information, please visit www.veroklub.rs
or call 0800 112 111, free of charge.

cigarettes, press and Jumbo products are excluded from loyalty program.

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