Heys Premium Canadian Suitcases – 50% Discount

The travel season is in full swing. In order to make your journey as pleasant as possible, Super Vero presents Heys Canadian suitcases. Collect stickers in the period from July 1 to  September 1 2021 and buy Heys suitcases 50% off.

Heys suitcases open quickly. They are resistant to water and various chemicals. Their double wheels are extremely mobile (they can rotate 360 degrees). They master different types of terrain without any problems.

There are three suitcase sizes in each series: large, medium and small. The dimensions of the smallest suitcases are 53x36x23cm and 56×39.4×21.6cm, which is extremely suitable for cabin luggage. Another advantage of Heys suitcases is the possibility of expanding the space by up to 20%. With the expansion, you will get as much as a fifth of the additional space, which is often invaluable. They are fully lined inside, and have compartments and multiple pockets, which allow you to find what you need without having to rummage through the rest of the stuff. Compression straps provide extra stability to packaged items.

Two series of suitcases are made of recycled plastic bottles, while the rest are made of polycarbonate, which is considered to be the most flexible material with a high degree of bending.

Heys suitcases are resistant to blows and scratches (they can return to their original shape after a blow if pressed against the opposite side), they have protective metal guards at the corners, and because of the material they are made of, they are also very light. It is known that the weight of the suitcase is a limiting factor if you travel by plane.

The height of the handle for driving the suitcase on wheels can be adjusted, and the upper and side carrying handles are with gel pads.

All suitcases are equipped with the latest TSA LOCK protection system that ensures excellent security of your belongings as well as an easy system of opening at customs with the help of a special TSA key, available only to the customs authorities of each country.

You can get these suitcases of modern and elegant design in three colours – rose gold, metallic gray and black.

How to get a discount?

You can find the brochure for collecting stickers in our markets or you can download it from our website. It highlights a list of promotional products whose purchase gives you 1 sticker. You can also win a sticker for every purchase worth 500 dinars. When you collect a certain number of stickers, you will be able to buy Heys suitcases at a 50% lower price. The number of stickers required for a discount purchase is highlighted in the brochure next to each product. Vero club members need 2 less stickers.

You can collect stickers in the period from July 1 to September 1 2021, and you can use the discount until September 15, 2021. If you do not have enough stickers to get a discount, you can buy the desired product at the regular price.


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