Herbal teas with saffron “Krocus Kozanis”

Did you know that saffron is the most expensive and one of the best-known spices in the world? Recognizable for its color, aroma and healing properties, saffron is popularly called “Greek red gold”.


According to the legends, famous Cleopatra put this famous spice in cosmetics, and you have the opportunity to try the Krocus Kozanis natural teas exclusively in Super Vero, whose indispensable ingredient is saffron.


According to the secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, the unique herbal mixture of these teas will improve your health and improve your mood. Strong antioxidant properties have anti-inflammatory effects and protect your cells from oxidative stress.


In addition to the beneficial effects on health, carefully harvested red saffron, Krocus Kozanis, its distinctive taste and aroma, will take you with one cup of tea to the rich and native land from which it comes – Krokos village in Greece.

Greek saffron

The most famous Greek saffron grows in Kozani, in northern Greece, and gives its name to the country of origin, the village of Krokos. A unique flower with a beautiful story to tell.

Red saffron blooms only once a year, every October, for barely two weeks, creating a purple carpet as far as the eye can see. The flowers are picked daily, immediately after the morning dew evaporates, and the antioxidants of saffron are at their peak. After all the flowers have been collected, the fields look empty, but by dawn, Krokos is blooming again, covering the fields with beautiful purple flowers.

The petals are manually separated from the saffron pestle and anther, immediately after picking, followed by the drying process.

One hundred and fifty thousand flowers that the villagers hand-picked during the harvest give only one kilogram of saffron petals. This data explains why saffron is sometimes more valuable than gold itself.

Krocus Kozanis teas in Super Vero

Now that we have introduced you to all the benefits of saffron, we have the great pleasure to present new teas that you can only find in Super Vero markets.

It is important to note that these teas are completely natural, without caffeine and gluten, and it is up to you to choose the mixture of flavors that you like the most.

Herbal tea with honey, orange and saffron

The seductive combination of citrus, honey and saffron flavors will boost your energy and provide additional doses of vitamin C. Ideal for the spring season, when we are fighting against colds and viruses.

Herbal tea with sage, verbena lemon and saffron

This interesting combination of flavors has a calming effect. The mixture of these herbs has a relaxing and mildly calming effect on the nervous system. Lemon verbena is an aromatic Greek plant, whose leaves are used to alleviate many ailments, such as relieving asthma attacks or reducing chest pain.

Herbal green tea with ginger and saffron

This interesting combination of flavors will, above all, positively affect your mood and enthusiasm. If you like ginger, which gives this tea a special taste, we believe that this is the right choice for you.

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