Health days – special offer

Health is the most important thing in life. It is necessary to constantly invest in it. We will help you invest in your vitality by saving!

In the days of health that will last from 25.3. to 07.04. we have prepared a special offer – you will be able to save up to 50%!


We selected an assortment of products ranging plant and animal milkshh, through various types of yoghurt – organic and those that can improve your immunity, natural juices and syrups, gluten-free chips and fasting spreads to unrefined oils, gluten-free pasta and sweets even for those who avoid too sweet flavours.


If, for example, you drink more plant milks, you can reduce the amount of saturated fat and at the same time take in omega-3 fatty acids, plant fiber and many vitamins.

When fiber content is in question, various types of muesli stand out. They contribute to digestive system health.


Cold-pressed oils retain essential fatty acids during pressing, so it is advisable to include them in your meals.

The choice is yours and we tried to make it big. We did not forget about blenders and juicers – small appliances that are great helpers when it comes to a healthier diet. If you refresh your day with freshly squeezed or mixed fruits and vegetables, you can expect multiple benefits, especially when it comes to protection against colds and infections.


We also included water jugs with filters, personal and household hygiene products and exercise equipment.

But that’s not the end. Since we take care of your health, all members of Vero Klub, will have a discount of up to 50% on aesthetic and quantum medicine examinations at the AS Medicus Polyclinic and 50% on pediatric examinations (bilirubin and hearing screening) at the Pediatric team.

Furthermore, you can pick up a voucher that can be used for one examination or therapy from the above mentioned categories at the cash register with the fiscal account.

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