Greek wines in Pavlidis and Semeli

If you haven’t already, it’s time to pay attention to Greek wines. Greece has an ancient wine history during which the drink of Dionysus was an important part of ceremonies and rituals. The tradition has not been interrupted, so interesting autochthonous tastes come to us from this country. Greek wines are made from grapes that absorb a lot of sunlight.

In this offer we present selected wines from the wineries Ktima Pavlidis and Semeli.

The Ktima Pavlidis winery, which got the award for the best red wine in the Balkans in 2012, refers you to its Thema wines, created in the Drama region of northern Greece. The goal of the winery is to produce top quality wines that have unique characteristics of that area. In order to fulfill it they planted 65 hectares of vineyards that remained in private ownership. Both domestic and international grape varieties are developed in them.

The geographical position and climate of the region offer ideal conditions for growing vines and producing the highest quality wines from the internationally known varieties Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko and Syrah.

 Thema white wine has a light yellow-green color. It starts with an intense aroma of exotic fruits and citrus, continuing with a mixture of white pepper and minerality. It is ideal with seafood, fish and salads.

Theme red wine has a dominant aroma of cherries and plums, followed by the aromas of chocolate, smoke and vanilla. It is ideal with grilled red meat, venison and spicy cheeses.

Rose wine Thema with an elegant aroma of strawberry and raspberry is great as an aperitif and ideal with almost all dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Semeli Winery, the winner of the gold medal at the Berlin Wine Fair in 2020, has selected two wines for you:

Oreinos Helios Semeli (Mountain Sun) is a red dry wine, produced from two grape varieties, Agiorgitiko and Syrah, from the Peloponnesian vineyards. It has an intense aroma of ripe red fruit, plums and chocolate. It is ideal with Mediterranean cuisine, red meat, pasta with red sauce and a selection of cheeses.

White dry wine Semeli Mantinia is produced from the Moshofilero variety, which is grown in the vineyards of the Mantinia region at an altitude of 650 m. The elegant floral aromas of lemon, citrus and rose petals will give your palates a long aromatic and rich taste. It is ideal with seafood, shellfish and fish as well as Asian specialties.

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