Get 500 dinars voucher faster during Vero Club Days!

Take advantage of the first two weeks of February and exclusive offers for Vero club members, part of the Super Vero loyalty program. You’ll also receive an extra benefit, a voucher worth 500 dinars to purchase some of the 400 products from the Vero club day lineup, with a minimum purchase of 2000 dinars. This applies even when you buy products with attractive discounts!

At the same time, we are introducing a new point calculation mechanism to benefit customers, which means that you will have the opportunity to get to the 200 and/or 500 dinar vouchers even faster on the weekend!

And now imagine this – you come to a big purchase at Super Vero during the weekend, buy products worth 4000 dinars, with a minimum of 2000 from the Vero club day offer and earn the right to vouchers worth at least 1000 dinars! If you buy products that earn additional points, this amount can be even higher.

Are you not a member of the Vero club? Here’s a chance to join and receive welcome points worth 200 dinars, and start shopping at the hypermarket that allows you to significantly reduce your bill in one of your next purchases using vouchers.

It’s really that simple – shopping as a member of the Vero club loyalty program pays off at Super Vera!

And after the Vero club days, which last from February 2-15, the same rule applies – points earned through purchases will be exchanged for vouchers.

With 200 points, you can get vouchers worth 200 dinars, and every 400 points will give you the right to a voucher worth 500 dinars. Vouchers are universal, meaning you can use them in any Vero store to purchase any product in the lineup. The only exceptions are Jumbo products, cigarettes, and newspapers, but you can still use vouchers to purchase these products.

The point collection mechanism, which is in effect throughout the year, assumes that weekend purchases will earn bonus points as usual. The difference is that until now it was necessary to spend 9,000 dinars on the weekend to earn enough points for a 500 dinars voucher, and now this condition is met with a purchase of 8,000 dinars. Until now, it was necessary to spend 6,000 dinars to earn 200 points, now it’s enough to spend 4,000. Because of other ways to earn points, there’s always been a possibility – to earn the 200 and/or 500 dinar vouchers even faster by purchasing products that earn additional points. The rule that for every 100 dinars spent, 1 point is earned, remains.

Take advantage of the special Vero club day promotion from 02-15 February 2023 and continue shopping at Super Vero. As you can see, shopping really pays off.

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