Fruits from Greece – taste the difference!

Depending on the area where it grows, the fruit differs in taste, color and the presence of vitamins. The quality and taste mostly depend on the origin, land on which it grows, the number of sunny days in the year, more precisely, on the local climate.

Orange from Crete

Greece has these favorable factors that give the fruit an exceptional taste. Fresh fruit from the Greek regions is juicier compared to that grown in more northern countries and has a more intense taste. One such area known for citrus fruits is the island of Crete.

Right from different regions of sunny Greece, fresh fruits and vegetables come on the shelves of the Super Vero market all year round. Beside peppers, tomatoes, nectarines, grapes, lemons and other Greek products, what especially stands out from the assortment is the orange from Crete.

Vitamins in oranges

Crete’s orange has more nutrients, is richer in vitamin C and B12 and juicier than others. The best oranges are grown on the west side of the island, from where they arrive in Super Vero. It is interesting that the orange from Crete belongs to the winter fruit. It ripens during this time of year, so you can be sure that it is fresh during the winter. Just in time, when we need the vitamins that oranges have.

Doctors recommend to consume citrus fruit throughout the year, so that people take vitamins in their natural form, especially vitamin C.

Affordable quality and continuity in supply

Thanks to direct and good relations with suppliers from Greece, Super Vero, even during the state of emergency and large shortages of lemons, managed to promptly provide large quantities of this fruit. Because of that, Super Vero consumers did’t have to worry about this type of virus protection, but could enjoy lemonade and tea with lemon.


Freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate

Beside Cretan oranges, Super Vero consumers enjoy other fruits and vegetables, and in the Bistro, a cafe in the hypermarket, they can enjoy freshly squeezed oranges and pomegranates, as well as fruit salads that are made every day.

Greek cuisine specialties and fresh ingredients are always present on the market shelves at 6 locations in Belgrade.

Try and taste the difference!

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