Fresh meat of guaranteed origin

Easter is one of the holidays that carries a lot of emotions, it is accompanied by memories of childhood and interesting customs that we later like to practice with the generations to come.
An important part of the tradition is the Easter lunch, the central place of which in our region is occupied by lamb. The search for quality meat begins long before Easter itself. They look for fresh lamb and ask about its origin, because it doesn’t matter where and how the lamb was raised. Everyone wants roast lamb that melts in the mouth and sticks to the palate.

That’s why at Super Ver we insist on the quality of the meat we sell. We procure meat from regions known for it, where animals are grazed and raised in a traditional way. Natural grazing on meadows with a large number of medicinal herbs gives the meat a specific, aromatic taste. When it comes to lamb, it is exclusively that which grew on the slopes of mountains like Pešter, Zlatibor and Stara planina.
These regions are known for their preserved nature, cleanliness and sheep farming. Lambs from the slopes of Stara Planina, Zlatibor and the Pešter Plateau have always been prized due to their free breeding and the great dedication of Stara Planina herders.

Fresh young lamb will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets, and even if you are not a big fan of this meat, you will find it hard to resist.

We guarantee that there will be a roast on your table whose taste will be talked about long after the holidays. With us, you can find fresh young lamb of guaranteed origin throughout the year. Customers who have bought it from us before have no doubts that they will buy it again at the same place, pointing out that it is top quality and give it all the praise. We hope that you will have the opportunity to see for yourself the quality of lamb from our stores, which is sold at a great price.

Just as we take care of lamb, we also take care of our other meats. During or without Lent, fish markets in Super Vero in TC Zira, in Novi Belgrade and in Novi Sad attract a lot of attention. We highlight fresh trout from Stara Planina and carp that is grown in Lake Zavoj, at a depth of 80 meters, in water that is used as a drinking source. For these reasons, carp has a wild quality, with less fat.

Find inspiration for lamb recipes for a special gastronomic experience on the website https://www.supervero.rs/recipes/. Whether it will be marinated lamb with potatoes and red onions, Greek moussaka with lamb or something else, the choice is yours.

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